Nax (anaximander) wrote,

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to do still:

get bday present for rose
move bike out of subbasement

due wednesday:
neurobio final paper
neurobio poster (absolutely must be done by then)
neurobio presentation (absolutely must be done by then)
neurobio midterm
neurobio lab
neurobio homework from half a semester
cs admin side faq

due thursday:
math 336 final

due friday:
any part of the wednesday stuff that didn't get done in time for wednesday

to do before graduation:
get fin aid hold on diploma cleared
get academic hold on diploma cleared
get health form for summer job completed
get camping gear in shape
get summer clothes
move out of room, move stuff into storage unit
find apartment for next year
find job for next year
get health insurance coverage
finish mother's day present

I've probably forgotten a few things
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